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Monhagen Saw Works - Middletown, N.Y.

Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell
Wheeler, Madden & Clemson

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Elisha Pearl Wheeler in partnership with J. F. France, Edward M. Madden, and J. Lemon established the Orange County Furnace.



Monhagen Saw Works established by Elisha Pearl Wheeler, Edward M. Madden, and Josiah Bakewell.


File Works, adjacent to Monhagen Saw Works was established by Corydon King, James I. Cockayne, and John Williams.



Mr. Josiah Bakewell resigned due to the health reasons.  William Clemson joined the firm and the name was changed to: Wheeler, Madden & Clemson.


Monhagen Steel Works - Beginning of steel manufacturing.



Wheeler, Madden & Clemson and Durrie & Rusher of New York, bought the File Works and the firm became Wheeler, Clemson & Co.

Mr. Josiah Bakewell died in 1863.

1868 In 1868 Mr. Lemuel Wheeler, son of Elisha Pearl Wheeler, joined the firm.  Also, Mr. Thos. D. Roberts became members of the firm.



In 1870 Mr. Roberts died.

John T. Cockayne and Isaac P. Madden joined file works of Wheeler, Clemson & Co.  The firm name remaining the same.


Wheeler, Madden & Clemson was incorporated and the name changed to Wheeler, Madden & Clemson Manufacturing Company.



Mr. Geo. Rusher, co-owner of  Wheeler, Clemson & Co.  File Works died.



Lemuel Wheeler, son of Elisha Pearl Wheeler, died.

Mr. Wm. Millspaugh and Chas. I. Humphrys joined the firm.



Mr. Elisha P. Wheeler died.

Company is managed by Edward M. Madden, President; Wm. Clemson, Vice-President; Wm. Millspaugh, Secretary; Charles. I. Humphrys, Treasurer.


In the Directory of Iron and Steel Works of the United States and Canada for 1884 the company is described as:  " Monhagen Steel Works, Wheeler, Madden and Clemson Manufacturing Co. - Middletown, Orange County.  Built in 1862-63;  48 2-pot steel-melting holes, 4 heating furnaces, 1 train of rolls, and 1 hammer; 96 pots can be used at each heat in steel works; product, saw cast steel; annual capacity, 2,500 net tones.

Edward M. Madden, President; Wm. Clemson, Vice-President; Wm. Millspaugh, Secretary; Charles. I. Humphrys, Treasurer.


On July 18th Edward M. Madden died.  The management the company changed and William Clemson became President



George N. Clemson and Richard W. Clemson, sons of William Clemson, succeeded his father and became a proprietors of Monhagen Saw Works.

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