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Monhagen Saw Works - Middletown, N.Y.

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Josiah Bakewell is the most elusive member among the Monhagen Saw Works principles.  Information about him is very scares and in some cases inconsistent.  We were fortunate however and were able establish a contact with surviving members of Josiah's family.

Ada May Bakewell is a grand, granddaughter of Josiah J. Bakewell.  Her farther, Irwin G. Bakewell was the son of Jesse J. Bakewell, a second child of Josiah and Marry A. Bakewell.  Today, (in 2009) Ada May Bakewell lives in Middletown, NY and is 104 years old.  She was never married, but she had a son, Jeffrey Bakewell.  He lives in Middletown, NY.  Jeffrey's son, Joshua Bakewell lives in Pennsylvania and studies Biology.  He was the one who contacted us after seeing short biography of Josiah Bakewell on this web site. 

The photograph of Josiah J. Bakewell was provided to us by Joshua Bakewell.  This is the only known photograph of Josiah Bakewell.  Joshua and Jeffrey were helpful and provided bits and pieces of information about various events from the live of their famous ancestor - Josiah J. Bakewell.

The record below will help us to set the stage for further research and fill some gaps in information about this man.  The United States Federal Census conducted on June 19th, 1860 shows the following record:

Transcript of the record from 1860 United States Federal Census
Name Age Sex Color Profession Value of Real Estate Value of Personal Estate Place of Birth
Josiah Bakewell 40 M White Saw Maker $1,500.00 $3,000.00 England
Mary Ann Bakewell 40 F White       England
Sidney Bakewell 14 M White       New York
Josiah J. Bakewell 8 M White       Penn.

Surprising enough, the name of youngest son is listed as Josiah J.  In actuality this is a record for Jesse J. Bakewell.  In later records the names of father and son were mixed up several time.

Some more light is also shed by the obituary for Marry Ann Vernon Bakewell, wife of Josiah J. Bakewell, published in Middletown Daily Argus on February 18, 1896:

"Mrs. Mary Ann Vernon Bakewell, who died yesterday (February 17, 1896) at her home in this city, was the widow of the late Josiah J. Bakewell, who died May 29, 1863.  She was born in Birmingham, England, April 18, 1818, and was married to Mr. Bakewell in Birmingham in 1841.

Mr. Bakewell was a saw-maker and after serving as an apprentice for fifteen years, he came to America immediately after his marriage.  He engaged in saw manufacturing in Boston and later engaged in the retail business in Elm Street, New York. A year or two later he moved to Port Jervis where he formed a partnership, under a firm name of Mondon, Lind & Bakewell for manufacture of saws. He sold his interest in this business to Mondon & Lind and then came to Middletown, where he manufactured saws on his own account and then became a member of the firm of E. P. Wheeler & Co. which continued the saw manufacturing business. Later E. M. Madden was admitted to the firm, of which Mr. Bakewell continued a member up to the time of his death. 

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