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Monhagen Saw Works - Middletown, N.Y.

Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell
Wheeler, Madden & Clemson


Tool Samples


The Monhagen Saw Works produced various kinds of saws and other related tools.  Cast Steel Circular Saws, Swaged Shingle and Heading Saws, Cast Steel Mill Saws, Butting or Mulay Mill Saws, Drag Saws, Cross-Cut Saws of many sizes and shapes, Billet or Wood Cutters' Webs, and of course variety of Handsaws were among the most needed tools to builders, carpenters and craftsman of the 19th century America.  Monhagen Saw Works provided their share.

Presented here are some samples of these tools either in our possession or provided by various contributors, friends and collectors.

Hand Saws

Other Tools

Medallion Samples

Brand Names used on Saws

  • Bakewell & Co.

  • Wheeler, Madden & Bakewell

  • Wheeler, Madden & Clemson

  • Wheeler, Madden & Clemson Mfg. Co.

  • Vernon & Co.

  • H. Millson & Co.

  • W. B. Sears & Co.

  • L. Wheeler

  • You Bet

  • Spier & Co.

  • Eureka

  • Dunn & Co.

  • Hard to Beat

  • Challenge

  • Monhagen Saw Works

  • The Standard

  • Paragon

  • Plantation

  • The Champion

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Monhagen Saws


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