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The Excelsior Saw Works, of Philadelphia, located at No. 515 Cherry Street was founded by Mr. William McNiece, one of the pioneer saw makers of this country.  Mr. McNiece came to the United States from Ireland when a boy and indentured himself to Mr. Jesse Bakewell, one of the first saw makers in this country.

After finishing his apprenticeship, Mr. McNiece embarked in business for himself, and his progressive methods and attention to detail soon established a name among users of saws and an enviable reputation for honest business dealings.

His product was high in grade and superior in quality, the excellency of the tempering in the saws being especially notable.

In 1888 Mr. Edward B. McNiece, son of the founder, who had previously been instructed in all the various methods of conducting the business, was admitted to partnership, and the high standard of excellence has been maintained since.

In addition to the manufacture of saws, Mr. McNiece has an enviable reputation for making various articles in the construction of which saw steel figures and is especially sought after by manufacturers and others when difficult problems in tempering arise.

Commemorative publication for “225th Anniversary of Founding of Philadelphia”
William W. Matos, 1908

Signature of William McNiece
from the "Articles of Copartnership" with Charles H. Lame
November 1, 1863

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