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Harvey W. Peace & Co., Vulcan Saw Works - Brooklyn, N.Y.



"One of the oldest steel establishments in Brooklyn is that which bears the name of Harvey W. Peace & Co., formerly known as the Vulcan Saw Works.


One of the first houses to attempt the manufacture of saws in this country was that of R. Hoe & Co.  In 1849 this house brought over three Englishmen, father and two sons, by the name of Peace, experienced and skillful saw grinders, to manage their saw grinding department.

At the end of thirteen years the two brothers commenced on their own account in Center street, removing after time to Johnstown, N.Y., and finally, in 1863, settling in their present location, Tenth and Ainslie streets, Brooklyn, E. D. 

The establishment became especially identified with the elder brother Harvey W.; and under his careful management it has become one of the very largest in the United States devoted to saw making alone. Latterly it has taken the form of a joint stock company limited."

Brooklyn Eagle

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H. W. Peace Saws


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