Seventy-Five Years of Business Progress and Industrial Advance - The Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer, Vol. 40.  

The Louisiana Planter acknowledges the receipt from the New Orleans office of the Simonds Manufacturing Company of its souvenir book recently issued, celebrating the seventy-fifth anniversary of this notable manufacturing company, which has made a success from its beginning at Fitchburg, Massachusetts, seventy-five years ago.

The population of the town then, in 1832, was 2,257, and in 1907 its population was 35,000. The book is a beautiful specimen of the printer's art, handsomely illustrated, and shows the various manufactures in which the Simonds Company are engaged and in which they stand eminent.

The career of the various members of the Simonds family is shadowed out in their pictures, beginning with Abel Simonds in 1832, in the little village factory, and coming down to Daniel Simonds, the president of the company in 1907.

A condensed history of the corporation is given, from which we learn that Abel Simonds started business at West Fitchburg, Mass., in 1832.

In 1864 the Simonds Bros. Co. was organized at West Fitchburg. In 1868 the Simonds Manufacturing Company was incorporated. In 1874 Abel Simonds, the founder of the business, died.

In 1880 an addition was made to the Fitchburg factory of a wide band saw room. They had a fire in the tempering department and a new hardening room was built. In 1880 a Chicago store was opened at 209 Lake Street, and in 1884 an additional store was there opened on the corner of Canal and Washington Streets.

In 1885 a saw giving a 21-inch cut, the largest on record, was delivered by them in New Orleans. In 1886 a San Francisco store was opened. In 1887 an Aid and Benefit Association was organized in connection with the business.

In 1888 the New Orleans store was opened, and in 1891 a Portland, Oregon, store was opened. In the same year the Simonds Saw Company was incorporated in San Francisco. In 1892 they opened a store in New York City and a Chicago factory was operated.

In 1894 the Simonds Manufacturing Company Ltd., was incorporated in New Orleans, and in 1898 a store was opened by them at Seattle, Washington.

In 1900, another addition to the Fitchburg factory was built for manufacturing hand saws, and in 1900 a steel mill was built in Chicago.

In 1902 a London agency was established. In 1904 the New Orleans store was burned. In 1905 the Simonds File Company was organized at Fitchburg, and in 1905-6 a new plant was operated at Fitchburg.

In 1900 the Simonds Canada Saw Company was organized at Montreal, and in that year the San Francisco store was burned. In the same year the Daniel Simonds Recreation Club was formed at Fitchburg.

In 1907 an addition was built to the Chicago factory, and also one to the Montreal factory, and with them the good work still goes on, and we may say with Tennyson and his "Song of the Brook," that “Man may come and man may go" - but the Simonds go on forever.

The Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer, Vol. 40, February 1908,
(New Orleans: Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer Co.)

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