The Simonds Saws & Knives catalog - Simonds Mfg. Co., 1912    

In 1900 The Simonds Mfg. Co. presents hand saws for the first time at the International Universal Exposition in Paris.

In December of 1900 the company began operation of crucible steel plant in Chicago, adjacent to the long saws factory built in 1892.

Fitchburg factory was enlarged with addition dedicated to hand saws manufacturing.

In this catalog The Simonds Mfg. Co. describes their approach to production of steel:

"Consequently, in 1900, our own first steel mill was built adjoining our Saw plant in Chicago, but owing to the fact that the quality of our goods has been so well appreciated and increasingly demanded by the public during the last ten years, we were obliged to build a new mill of three times the capacity.

This we did at Lockport, N. Y. in 1910. The location is excellent, equi-distant from our three factories, Fitchburg, Mass., Chicago, Ill., and Montreal, Quebec. Unlimited electric power from Niagara Falls is at our door. Our eighty-three acres of land there is sufficient for future expansion.

Uniformity of product is very essential in making saw plate. We have careful inspection at every operation, and the most careful selection of raw materials. The chemical laboratory at the Simonds Mill is in charge of experts who constantly watch uniformity and quality, making an analysis of each melting to determine the exact proportion of carbon and other ingredients and so prevent possible errors."

The catalog presented here was made available by Mark Stansbury.

Mark designed and maintains several websites dedicated to hand tools of 19th century. Here are a few links that will take you to his sites:


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