Simonds Saws, Knives, Files, Steel catalog - Simonds Mfg. Co., 1916    

Explain to your customer the points of interest about the saws you are selling.

He may be a Carpenter, and thoroughly familiar with the use of saws; but you are a Merchant, and are equally well posted on the facts concerning saws, so you, in a nice way, can talk your line to your customer in terms not only understands but which command his respectful attention.

Tell why there are different priced saws.

The better grade Simonds Saw is ground with four gauges taper from tooth edge to back and from toe to heel. Grinding is slow, expensive work, but it adds very greatly to the value of a saw.

Saws not full taper ground will bind in the cut, and it would be a waste of money for a god carpenter to bother with such saw at any price, no matter how cheap.

Simonds Saws are made of steel made in Simonds' own Steel Mill and therefore the metal has an edge-holding quality not found in saws made of ordinary steel which has not had the specialized saw-making attention that has been given Simonds Steel.

Saw Steel is the product of experience.

We claim that Simonds Saws hang correctly are ground perhaps closer to gauge, and therefore hang lighter in the hand than any other make of saw on the market.

Handles should be made of thoroughly seasoned wood, so that they will never check or crack. Simonds Apple Wood is seasoned for three years under our own direction before being made into handles.

Handles that are carved and polished may be of no better quality than plain handles, but they look better and cost more to make.

Carpenters take pride in their saws, and want them to be a credit to their tool kits.

The catalog presented here was made available by Mark Stansbury.

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Simonds Saws


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