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Simonds Guide for Carpenters, 1911

This booklet was provided by Walt Cheever, member of OldTools mailing list.  Thank you Walt!

This small booklet was produced sometime in late 1911 or 1912.  Unfortunately, there is no exact date of print for this publication. 

We base the date on listing of factories and branch offices and images of two factories printed in the booklet. 

The Lockport, NY steel mill was built in 1910 and begun production in 1911.  This factory is listed on the first page of the booklet and it is the latest event in the timeline of the company expansion during publication of this catalog. 

The next catalog that we have is copyrighted in 1914 and includes Spokane, Wash. and Memphis, Tenn. branches, both established in 1913.

It is quite peculiar that the publication of this size and published by the company of recognized leadership in the industry, did not includes publication date.  Fortunately for researchers of old tools, other available information sources help in identification.



In presenting this Simonds Guide for Carpenters, we aim to introduce such rules as have been found reliable, and will facilitate the daily work of every reader.

Primarily, our object is to direct your attention to the Simonds Saws, illustrated in the latter pages, and to create an interest which will result in a trial of a Simonds Hand Saw, for we are positively sure the quality will be found enough superior to win the confidence of every intelligent mechanic.

Very truly Yours,
Simonds Mfg. Co.

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