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Many who have read "The Professor and the Saw" have sent their acknowledgment of the book and testified to the benefit derived from it.

Undoubtedly it has awakened a new interest in the value of manual work as a means of education.  Professor Reed Wentworth learned to love tools as he had formerly loved books.  He found that the brain and the hand could work together for health, happiness, and profit.

With the new interest aroused by the book has come a new demand upon the manufacturer.  Teachers in manual and vocational courses arc writing the Simonds Manufacturing Company and asking: How did Professor Wentworth teach his classes? What did he tell the boys about the saw?  How ought a saw to be filed and kept in order?


This little book of five lessons is intended as a primer, setting forth briefly and clearly the things every user of a hand saw should know. 

The Simonds Mfg. Co. would be pleased to receive suggestions on anything contained in these lessons. Requests for information will be cordially welcomed.

Simonds Saws have a reason which will be gladly explained.  If these lessons meet a need, perhaps there are other needs that can be as readily supplied.

What Is a Hand Saw?

Saw.  A Hand Saw is a thin, flat blade of crucible steel, having a row of teeth along a given edge.

Use.  Hand Saws are used for cutting wood, metal , bone or other material by wearing away, with the teeth, particles along a given line.

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