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1918 - The Circular Saw - a Guide for Filers, Sawyers and Woodworkers - Simonds Mfg. Company


This little book is the natural successor to the "Simonds Guide for Filers and Sawyers" which has been in such demand that the supply is completely exhausted.

In preparing a new edition it seemed wise to remodel the work and add much new material.  The Circular Saw is, therefore, taken by itself and treated in its relation both to the saw mill and woodworking shop. 

The convenient size and flexible cover are kept so that the book may be carried in the pocket.  The headings are made prominent so that any subject may be turned to quickly for reference.  At the same time the discussion proceeds in an orderly way so that a beginner may gain a clear idea of the development, manufacture, use, and care of the circular saw.

A companion work will follow immediately on "The Band Saw."  A third volume will deal with "Machine Knives."  Other books will appear until the line of Simonds Saw Steel Products is described in full.


Many of the illustrations in these books have been assembled on blueprint charts which can be tacked upon the wall of the filing room. Copies of these charts will be sent on request. 

The company has also outlined its welfare, educational, and efficiency work.  Information on these subjects will be gladly furnished.  The Simonds Manufacturing Company was established in 1832; incorporated in 1868.

During its long and successful history it has accumulated large resources of knowledge in the manufacture and use of saws and knives.

Without presuming to be a final authority, the company is eager to aid the users of its tools to get the finest possible results in the woodworking field.  Believing that Simonds Saw Steel Products are the best, the company would have all who employ them get the largest possible returns. 

The Great War is making large demands upon lumber men and woodworkers.  The reconstruction period following the war will call for redoubled efforts. 

It is a patriotic duty to manufacture good tools and make them work to the utmost.  The manufacturer, the filer, the sawyer, and the woodworker are in partnership to win the war and then to rebuild civilization.

Any corrections in the facts described in this book or suggestions as to its improvement will be welcomed.  The company would appreciate a word from any who find it helpful.

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