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1921 -The Band Saw - a Guide for Filers, Sawyers and Woodworkers


As a result of numerous inquiries and requests for information which have been received, the Simonds Manufacturing Company some time ago concluded to issue a series of booklets covering the manufacture, care and use of Circular Saws, Band Saws and Machine Knives.

The first named book, The Circular Saw has been published. It met with popular favor and appears to be appreciated by users of circular saws. We hope The Band Saw which we herewith present for your consideration will prove as satisfactory as its companion work and that it may contain information which will be available for use in the great woodworking industry all over the world, where Simonds Saws hold such an enviable place.

In presenting The Band Saw it has been our endeavor to set forth accurate data, the greater part of which is founded on information which has been compiled and which we accumulated from our store of records and actual experience of eighty-nine years as makers of steel cutting edges.  While we do not wish to convey the impression that we are super-authority on the subject of handling saws, we do say that the information we herein offer is considered most authentic. We have avoided expression of opinions by individuals or organizations, and have grouped ideas from experienced sawyers, filers and millmen in every section, to which we have added our own expert knowledge gained as saw makers.  It has been the endeavor of the Simonds Manufacturing Company, since it first commenced to make saws, to keep in constant touch with those who use saws, and as a result we have become familiar with many of the troubles incidental to their use.

We therefore offer The Band Saw for your approval in the belief that it may be of service to the sawyer, filer or millman, who is constantly seeking accurate information which will tend to improve his business.


  • CHAPTER I Superiority of the Band Saw 5

  • CHAPTER 2 Band Saw Steel 10

  • CHAPTER 3 Making a Band Saw 12

  • CHAPTER 4 Rolling and Tensioning Wide Band Saws 14

  • CHAPTER 5 Leveling a Band Saw 26

  • CHAPTER 6 Brazing a Band Saw 31

  • CHAPTER 7 How to Tension a Band Saw 33

  • CHAPTER 8 Band Saw Speed and Strain 39

  • CHAPTER 9 Band Saw Mills 42

  • CHAPTER 10 Fitting and Running Small Band Saws 45

  • CHAPTER n "Safety First" with Small Band Saws 51

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