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  You and Your Job with Simonds Saw and Steel Co. - 1962    


We are glad you have become one of us and we will do all we can to make you feel at home.

We want you to join with us in meeting the obligations that we believe are most important to the progress and well-being of us all:

First, there is the obligation to the customer. After all he is the real Boss. We must supply him with the finest Simonds products that research, design, efficient manufacturing methods and good individual workmanship can turn out. By meeting this obligation squarely, we can sell profitably at competitive prices and our customers will continue to buy and use our products regularly.

Second, there is the obligation to you, the individual member of our organization. We believe firmly that you should have a desirable place to work, efficient tools and helpful supervision. We believe that your employment should be as steady as it is within our power to make it.

We believe in such advantages ae Group Life Insurance, a Retirement Plan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and other benefits that will be explained later in this booklet. We believe firmly in good wages for good work.

Thirdly, there is the obligation to the Company itself. This ties in closely with the obligation to each worker in the organization. It is only when the Company is strong and healthy… earning a profit and providing a return for the investors who have put their money into the business… that the capital is available to buy the buildings, tools and equipment to make more Simonds products, create new jobs and opportunities, and make all jobs better and more secure.

These obligations are met by each of us working earnestly at his job, and by all of us working together with a spirit of willing cooperation.

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