James Turner, Saw Manufacturer - Philadelphia, PA


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"...besides these celebrated makers, there are five others who make Saws to some extent, viz. : Thomas Gamble, J Hugel, Charles Lame, Jospeh Nicholls, and James Turner."

Philadelphia and Its Manufactures in 1857
by Edwin T. Freedley, 1859


"After this there were several small industries started by Jonathan Paul in 1840, J. Bringhurst in 1842, James Turner in 1843, and Walter Cresson in 1845. Henry Disston each in turn bought out these four.  William Andrews was one of the first saw makers in this country and his nephew still possesses the anvil brought here by his uncle in 1819.  This is aid to be the first saw anvil used in this country."

1795-1895. One hundred years of American commerce
by Chauncey Mitchell Depew, 1895

1855 - McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory

1856 - McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory

1861 - McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory

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