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  Disston's "Star Saw Set" - The Builder and WoodWorker, Vol. 17, January 1881, (New York: Charles D. Lakey, Publisher).  

Henry Disston & Sons are now manufacturing a superior saw set, a cut of which is shown in our advertising columns.

This "set" has some advantages over most of those now in the market; one is that it can be operated wholly by the foot by means of a treadle, thus leaving the hands free to guide the saw. Another advantage is that the plunger or striking part, and the anvil are star-shaped, and similar in construction, and the points of both upper and lower star arc of different sizes, and are made to correspond, and are numbered from one to six.

These stars are adjustable, as may be seen by referring to the cut in the advertisement, and the corresponding points of each star can be brought to work together. This is a very important matter in setting a saw, for every workman knows that if the point of a “set" overlaps a tooth it is very apt to strike the next tooth and break or mutilate the cutting edge.

The stars are made of fine cast steel, and are tempered to suit the work for which they are designed, and, in consequence, are nearly everlasting; but should either of them, by accident or otherwise, get broken, they can easily be replaced, as duplicates of all the parts are kept in stock by the firm.

This "set," which is called "The Star Saw Set," is, perhaps, the only one in the market that can be adjusted to set hand-saws so that all danger of breaking the teeth may be avoided.

The tool is well made in every particular, and may be used on the ordinary work-bench or attached to a bench especially designed for it.

All hardware dealers of repute keep these "sets" for sale, and those of our readers who are in want of one should examine the “Star Set” before buying any other.


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