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Joinery Handplanes
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The Great Hand Plane Revival

The Great Hand Plane Revival


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A CabMaker's Notebook


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Disston Triumph Saw-Set

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At the end of 1899 H. Disston and Sons, Inc. released new saw-set, based on patent No. 636,168 awarded on October 31, 1899 to Matthew Odgers.  Odgers assigned his patent to H. Disston and Sons, Inc.

The Triumph Saw-Set was originally manufactured in three sizes.

  • The largest size was No. 8 designed to service large Crosscut Saws and Circular Saws.
  • No. 18 saw-set was medium size set to service small Circular Saws, and one-man Crosscut Saws.
  • The smallest set, No. 28, was designed for Hand Saws, Back Saws, Web Saws and narrow Band Saws.

The 1902 Hand Book for Lumbermen by H. Disston & Sons described this saw-set as follows:

"The idea embodied in this Saw-Set is one that will commend itself to even' user of a saw-setting tool. The principal feature is the use of two plungers operated by the two levers or handles; pressure on the lower lever forcing plunger "D" against the body of the saw, thus holding it rigidly in position and preventing slipping, whilst a continuation of the pressure on the upper lever operates plunger "C" in setting the tooth.

In action it is easy and powerful, and while it will perfectly set wide and heavy saws, it is also particularly adapted for narrow blades, such as web saws, narrow band saws, etc. If the gauge "h" is properly adjusted, the result will be a uniformity of set that cannot be obtained by any other hand set.

Another important point is the head of the Set is made open, enabling the operator to quickly adjust the Saw-Set to the tooth, the work being in plain view at all times. The gauge "B," for regulating depth of set, has a wider bearing than in most saw-sets, thus doing away with the tendency to incline the tool to one side or the other, which would give an uneven set to the teeth. The anvil is fitted with four beveled surfaces, suitable for different sizes of teeth.

In operating first adjust the anvil "E" so that the bevel most suitable for the size tooth to be set is brought into position; hang the Saw-Set on the saw so that the gauge "B" rests on the teeth; adjust this gauge for the depth of set to be given, by the use of set-screw "A." Use care not to go too deeply into the tooth, as all of the set should be in the tooth itself. Taking too deep a hold is liable to distort the body of the blade or break out the teeth. The top of plunger "C" should be in line with the top of tooth to be set.

We claim this to be the best Hand Set ever put on the market, and a trial will convince anyone of its superior merits. If the instructions as to adjustment are carried out the results will be entirely satisfactory to the operator.

The Triumph Saw-Set is manufactured in three sizes, the smaller size being suitable for Hand Saws, Back Saws, Web Saws, narrow Band Saws, etc.; the medium size for small Circular Saws, etc., and the large size for Cross-cut Saws, Circular Saws, etc.

Made only in polished finish."

In early 1900s another variation of this model was released - No. 280. This saw-set was similar in size and style to the No. 28, but was equipped with a smaller size setting plunger, making it especially suitable for setting saws of 10 to 16 points to the inch, such as Butcher Saw Blades, Back Saws, Web Saws, etc. This set was finished with bright-polished head and black finish handles. 

The brochure below list all four versions of the set.

Triumph Saw-set No. 8                                    Triumph Saw-set No. 18

Triumph Saw-set No. 28

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